Video Tutorial: A Deep Dive Into Our Portfolio Spreadsheet

[Editor’s Note: This is an independent post written by Jack. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.]

A few weeks ago I shared a post discussing our Retirement Portfolio and the Spreadsheet we use to track and rebalance our portfolio. Today’s post contains the promised follow-up video tutorial, which includes some examples on how we have used to aid us in rebalancing our portfolio.

This was my first go at experimenting with Quicktime for video/audio recording, so thank you in advance for your patience and feedback! The video turned out to be roughly 26 minutes in length… I guess that’s the teacher in me!  Moving forward we will definitely make an effort to try chunk videos into more discrete segments, but for now please feel free to use the time table below to jump around at your leisure:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 4:05 – Accessing the sharable spreadsheet file and making a copy via google docs OR microsoft excel.
  • 5:53 – Explanation of the “Simpler” version of our spreadsheet (labeled as “529s”). We actually use this very tab when adding new money to to our 529 plans (which are essentially a “two-fund” portfolio).
    • 7:57 – Rebalancing Example 1 – rebalancing via adding new money.
    • 9:15 – Rebalancing Example 2 – rebalancing after shifts in the market.
  • 12:25 – Explanation of the “More Complex” version of our spreadsheet (labeled “Portfolio”).
    • 15:35 – Rebalancing Example 3 – rebalancing via adding new money.
      • 16:05 – “5/25 Rule” & conditionally formatted cells
    • 17:46 – Rebalancing Example 4 – rebalancing after shifts in the market while avoiding “taxable events” in taxable brokerage accounts.
      • 19:00 – NOTE: I realize it is a tax-exempt fund so some taxes on the gains would be avoided upon the sale of those funds, but many people do not invest in municipal or tax-exempt bonds so I wanted to make sure to bring that point up in the video.
      • 23:20 – additional column explanations.
  • 24:43 – wrap-up & final thoughts.

Final Thoughts:

I apologize for the abrupt ending and ad-lib performance. Admittedly, I did not prepare an exit strategy, and after 26 minutes of non-stop, unscripted, unedited recording I just stopped the video in panic, haha. We live and learn as the saying goes! I am looking forward to learning new skills and growing as we put together more instructional videos in the future!

Leave us some feedback on how we can improve in the comments below or through our Contact Us page. Let us know what other video tutorials you would be interested in!

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