New Hampshire

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Median Pay1: $57,833

Teacher Reciprocity Requirements2: New Hampshire Department of Education

  • Education/Experience Requirements: Bachelor’s degree from regionally accredited school and three years of experience out of last seven in an Interstate Certification Contract State.
  • Testing Requirements: Praxis Core and Praxis Subject Assessments required.
  • Temporary Certificate Offered?: See “other notes”.
  • Other Notes: Candidates who do not meet experience requirements or are not transferring from an Interstate Certification Contract state qualify under equivalency or other alternative certification routes.


  • Teacher Pensions Overall Grade3: F – Click here to see why.
    • 10-year vesting period.
    • Employees/employers DO pay social security tax and therefore ARE eligible for social security benefits.
    • No portable plan available.

1Median Pay: sourced from 2018 data collected by National Education Association (NEA). See their Full Report for more information.

2Teacher Reciprocity: sourced from data aggregated by Teacher Certification Degrees. View the full state-by-state list here. Additionally, in some states special considerations for reciprocity, application expedition, fee waivers, etc. may be available to teachers married to activity duty military personnel; be sure to contact the respective State Dept. Of Education to learn more.

3Teacher Pensions Rating: sourced from Visit their website to learn about their mission or view a State Comparison.