New York

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Median Pay1: $83,585

Teacher Reciprocity Requirements2: New York Department of Education

  • Education/Experience Requirements: Bachelor’s degree with 2.5 GPA or higher from regionally accredited school and teacher preparation program that meets New York approval standards and three years of public teaching experience in one state.
  • Testing Requirements: Must take New York’s edTPA, Educating All Students, Academic Literacy Skills, and Content Specialty exams through NES. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certified teachers are exempt from exam requirements.
  • Temporary Certificate Offered?: Conditional certificate if candidate meets all requirements except edTPA exam or workshop.
  • Other Notes: Initial certificate requires taking workshops in child abuse, school violence prevention, needs of children with autism, and training in harassment, bullying, and discrimination.


  • Teacher Pensions Overall Grade3: D – Click here to see why.
    • 10-year vesting period.
    • Employees/employers DO pay social security tax and therefore ARE eligible for social security benefits.
    • No portable plan available.

1Median Pay: sourced from 2018 data collected by National Education Association (NEA). See their Full Report for more information.

2Teacher Reciprocity: sourced from data aggregated by Teacher Certification Degrees. View the full state-by-state list here. Additionally, in some states special considerations for reciprocity, application expedition, fee waivers, etc. may be available to teachers married to activity duty military personnel; be sure to contact the respective State Dept. Of Education to learn more.

3Teacher Pensions Rating: sourced from Visit their website to learn about their mission or view a State Comparison.