Top 3 Podcasts

[Editor’s Note: This is an independent post written by JJ. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.]

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Rather than listen to songs on the radio, I would rather spend that time learning via podcasts.  I’d like to share my favorite podcasts with you along with a short summary for each podcast.  Maybe you’ll find one or two of them interesting and want to check them out. Here’s a list of my top 3 podcasts:

1. Revisionist History


Now, I know what you might be thinking, “This is a site about financial independence and you absolutely love the journey of FI, why is your number one podcast not at all about finances?”  You’re right, Revisionist History is not at all about finances and it’s still my favorite podcast. 

This podcast is by Malcolm Gladwell.  Every week they re-examine something from the past that has been either forgotten or misunderstood.  He goes deep within his topic and asks great questions along the way.  Also, he is a wonderful storyteller that gets me thinking more about a topic. 

My favorite episode is “Carlos Doesn’t Remember.”  It’s season 1, episode 4. “Carlos Doesn’t Remember” is the first in a three-part Revisionist History miniseries taking a critical look at the idea of capitalization—the measure of how well America is making use of its human potential.

2. ChooseFI


ChooseFI is a very close second. I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning a few years ago and have listened to every episode.  If you’re interested in Financial Independence or any aspects of it, this is the podcast you need to check out!

If you’ve never listened to ChooseFI, start with episode 100 — “Welcome to the FI community.” This is a great podcast and worth your time to listen.

3. Side Hustle Nation


Side Hustle Nation has helped me think about ways to earn a little extra money using my skill set.  In fact, one of the things that my wife and I are really, really good at is money management.  We love having those monthly expenditure review meetings. We love talking about our big hairy audacious goals (BHAG). We just love talking about managing our finances.

So, a couple nights ago we were talking about side hustles, our love for helping people and our love for financial management, and we looked at each other and thought how cool it would be if we could help others to manage their finances.  Not an investment advisor or planner, but more of a coach to help people get on track towards their BHAG. My wife and I are planning on starting a side hustle of being financial coaches.  Much more to come on this in the near future, but we’ve heard for close friends and family that this is a needed service.  So, we’re pumped!!

So, there you have it; my top 3 podcasts for this summer.  What are your favorite podcasts? Let me know in the comments below.

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